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The Historical Research Center has a new phone. The number is 620-779-0496.
The Historical Research Center has its own email!! hrc@ihmac.org
Stop by the Research Center Tuesday through Saturday between 10 AM and 3:30 PM.

Please feel free to come to the Research Center and either begin or continue your personal research.

Current Projects

Changes at the Research Center:

For those of you who regularly visit the Research Center, we have made some changes that may improve your research. First, you may notice when you arrive that we have moved a number of items in the front room to provide more space for additional records which you may access directly. Through the generosity of Potts Funeral Chapel, we have added the actual records of funerals performed by Potts from the years 1933 through 1972. These records contain a wealth of information, including many times the death certificates, obituaries, insurance information, pall bearers and other family members involved. As we gain more file cabinet space, we may be able to offer more record coverage in the future. (If any of you know of a good bargain four-drawer file cabinet, or would like to contribute one, we would be most interested to know about it.)

With the help of donations from our members, we have been able to purchase some curtains for the center which have helped greatly to improve the working space by limiting the afternoon sun and also to improve the utility bills which can be very costly for the old building. Thank you, members, for your help. We would also like to thank Susan Kniffen and her husband, William, for hanging the curtains for us.

We are currently indexing the marriage records and D.A.R. books to help you with quicker, more efficient use of your time in those areas. We have also moved the marriage records to make them more accessible. We continue to update the Pioneer Women records, Potts Funeral Home records, and Marriage License records while taking queries from people all over the U.S. who are looking for information on relatives and friends who may have lived or died in Montgomery County. Information and material that is being donated to the Center on an ongoing basis is continually being cataloged and displayed on the shelves for public use.

To contact us, please use one of the methods listed: Website: http://ihmac.org; Phone: 620-779-0496; Email address: hrc@ihmac.org; Mailing address: HRC P.O. Box 294 Independence, KS 67301

Genealogical Conference

Sandy Faler and Sue Prince, volunteers from the Historical Research Center attended the 40th Annual Genealogical Conference in McPherson, Kansas. It is sponsored by the Kansas Council of Genealogical Societies. This years’ speaker was professional Genealogist Valerie Eichler Lair. Her program was entitled Digging Deeper. Her workshop covered the areas of Genealogical Proof Standards our GPS; Probate, where there is a will or no will there is a way; ways to find females; Church Denominations and their Archives. All the conferences were very informative and with a lot of useful ideas for researching. Stop in at the Research Center if you are interested in further information.

The Kansas Council of Genealogical Societies sponsors another very useful project. They are collecting and publishing information on the Pioneers of Kansas. Anyone who has ancestors who came to Kansas in Territorial Days (before 1861) or Pioneers (1861 to 1880) or Early Settlers (1881 to 1900) can order a Certificate Application to be included in the Certificate Program of Forgotten Settlers of Kansas. They are working on the 26th book/CD now. WWI and WWII Events

Thank you to everyone involved with the Military Exhibit. Congratulations to Reeta Rumfelt, Dan Dollison and John Caldwell for winning the Patriotic Quilt and the hand carved canes.

Items for Sale

The Historical Research Center has miscellaneous school yearbooks and school newspapers available for sale.

  1. Independence High School -Orange & Black- yearbooks from 1911 through 1972
  2. A few Inkanquil yearbooks from 1936 through 1940
  3. Bound Independence student newspapers, on a yearly basis, from 1943 through 1972 are available for sale at $10.00 each.