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Carol Dickie


CAROL DICKIE TWO-DAY MIXED MEDIA WORKSHOP was held Monday and Tuesday, August 8 & 9, 2016 - 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. with a break for lunch (or people kept working if they brought their own lunch). MINIMUM 10/ MAXIMUM 15 participants.


Carol Dickie Teaching. Then the students hard at work.

The instructions for the Supplies that were used.

Bring transparent watercolors. We will be introducing casein as an opaque/translucent medium. If you choose, you may also bring a little charcoal and a small assortment of pastels, which we will try to include. Also bring acrylics and gouache, if you have these paints, as we may work a little with them, too.

Carol will bring the casein which we will share. This is part of your fee expenses included in the registration fee.

300 lb. cold press watercolor paper -- one full-sheet [22" X 30"], cut into four pieces for our exercises/paintings. You may purchase the 300 lb. paper from IHMAC unless you have your own. Bring extra 300 lb. paper if you already have it. [140 lb. watercolor paper is too flimsy for casein which, like gouache, is fairly brittle.]

Bring watercolor brushes. Carol recommends including flat watercolor wash brushes in a variety of sizes [up to 2"] - synthetic blends will function better in this case than sable, though you may use sable for your watercolor application.

Small bottle of Dawn soap [Casein is hard on brushes]

Water container[s]

Water spritzer

Masking tape

Your regular watercolor palette; another white palette for casein - either a butcher tray; a large white Styrofoam plate; or a clear piece of glass [at least 12"X12"] to allow mixing in the center] along with a piece of white cardboard the same size. Masterson Sta-wet palettes could also be used if prepared properly in advance.

Plastic wrap to cover palettes and keep them moist.

Paper towels

Pocket knife

An Exacto or utility knife unless paper is cut ahead of time

#2 pencil and eraser

Notebook paper for notes

Standing easel, if you choose to paint standing with a vertical support as Carol does. Bring your table easel otherwise.

Plastic house painter's sheet to use under area to catch paint if it runs (Check with IHMAC painters; this may be provided by IHMAC.)

Scraps of watercolor paper for practice and dabbling. The 140 lb. paper is okay for scraps.

A color wheel if you have one. Carol uses Steven's.


We will start both days with information and instruction, followed by demonstration, and then painting by the class.

Each member of the class will receive a signed copy of Carol's The Persimmon Seed Notebook and informational materials.


The cost was $135. The registration fee was non-refundable after July 22. Also, students could pay IHMAC $9.50 for a sheet of the 300 lb. paper at the workshop unless they had their own.


They had time for lunch out, but are welcome to brown bag it if they prefered to stay and keep painting.